Tips to help human hair extensions last longer

Hair weaves offer versatility in the sense that you can change your look without cutting or growing your hair. Many people use hair extensions to add volume, length, and even texture to their natural hair. Although these maintenance procedures are important, they can also be carried out at home with ease.


  1. Do brush your hair regularly. Brush your hair extensions at least twice a day, especially before washing and sleeping.
  2. Do use a suitable comb brushing hair. You can opt for a brush that is designed for hair extensions. For curly hair, you can opt for a wide-tooth comb to better protect the stunning curly texture. A nylon and boar bristle paddle brush can minimize tangles and smooth out your hair extensions.
  3. Do brush your extensions with minimal tension on your scalp. While brushing your hair, hold the hair roots with one hand and comb with the other to minimize pulling on your scalp.
  4. Don’t comb or brush human hair extensions while they are wet. Wet hair is fragile and prone to breakage. Brushing wet hair extensions may cause the hair to tangle and shed.


  1. Do opt for a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Sulfates can strip natural oils from the hair. It’s not suitable for afro-textured hair and may lead to hair being dry, brittle, and tangled.
  2. Don’t use any hair care products that contain oil, alcohol, or silicone. These ingredients can loosen the extension rings and tape tabs and may cause slip-off.
  3. Do use suitable hair care products. Natural hair oil and leave-in conditioner can add extra moisture to your hair and make it shiny and keep it healthy. Just avoid applying them to bonds.

Wash and condition hair extensions:

  1. Do detangle your hair extensions before washing them. Detangling your hair with your fingers or a comb can loosen dirt and knots. This can help to minimize hair shed while shampooing hair extensions.
  2. Don’t shampoo your hair so frequently, typically no more than once a week. Washing your hair excessively can strip it of moisture and oil. This may inevitably cause your hair to be dry and fragile.
  3. Don’t wash your hair extensions within 48 hours after installation. If you wash or style your hair extensions within these 48 hours, your hair runs the risk of the bonds (micro rings and tape tabs) slipping off.
  4. Don’t scratch your scalp and the bondings while washing your hair. Rub your shampoo gently through your hair instead of scratching with your nails or the bonding can be weakened and slip-off may occur.
  5. Don’t condition near the extension rings or tape tabs. Hair conditioners or oil-based products can weaken the bonds and may also lead to slip-off. So just condition from mid-shaft to the tips only.
  6. Do let the hair conditioner sit for a while, typically at least 3-5 minutes so that the conditioner can work deeper and moisturize your hair.


  1. Don’t sleep with wet hair extensions. Sleeping with wet hair can cause more tangles. This could not only weaken your hair extensions and shorten their lifespan but might also lead to a headache.
  2. Do brush your hair before you head to bed. This is also to prevent your hair from getting tangled and to prevent hair loss.
  3. Do put your hair in a loose ponytail or a loose braid. Before you head to bed, ensure your hair is completely dry and pull it into a loose ponytail or a loose braid. This can prevent hair from getting tangled.
  4. Do wrap your hair up with a satin scarf or place a silky scarf on your pillow. This is to reduce friction between your hair extensions and your pillow. It can help to prevent your hair from getting tangled and minimize hair shed.


  1. Don’t apply too much heat to your hair. Too much heat styling on your hair extension can strip the moisture and oil and ultimately cause your hair to be dry and prone to breakage. 
  2. Do use a heat protector before applying heat to your hair. Heat protectant spray can establish a barrier to protect your hair from damage by heat, to some extent.
  3. Do set your heat styling tools to the lowest temperature. If it is necessary to apply heat to your hair extensions, set the heat styling tools to the lowest heat setting.


  1. Do brush your hair before styling your hair. This is to remove tangles and smooth your styling process.
  2. Do opt for protective styles for your hair extensions. Ponytails, braids, and twists are all protective hairstyles with weaves for you to slay. 
  3. Don’t over-style your extensions. For example, avoid bleaching or dyeing your hair extensions. The products that are used to color hair typically contain harsh chemicals that can damage hair extensions. If you desire a highlight or ombre style, you should purchase colored hair extensions directly from hair vendors. 
  4. Don’t use a flat iron near the bondings (micro rings or tape tabs). The heat that the flat iron brings can weaken the bonds and may lead to slip-off.

Work out:

  1. Don’t dive into the pool or the sea with extensions installed. The chlorine in the pool and the salt in the sea can damage your hair extensions and natural hair. If you must go swimming with extensions installed, put on a swimming cap in advance to protect your hair. And give your hair a thorough wash and condition after swimming.
  2. Do pull your hair into a ponytail or braid while working out. These can help prevent hair extensions from slipping off during intense exercise. Putting on a workout headband is also a smart idea to add extra security to hair extensions.
  3. Do remove the sweat after working out. Rinse your hair to remove the sweat after working out. Cause sweat can build up dirt and may lead to hair tangles.


  1. Do take off your hair extensions on time. Typically, glue-in weave and tape-in hair extensions last around 6-8 weeks. Sew-in hair can last on your head for about 2-3 months. Clip-in hair extensions should be removed before retiring to bed. Whatever extension method you use, it’s critical to take them off in time so that your natural hair and scalp can recover.

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