What is a U-part wig? How to install a U-part wig?

What is a U-part wig?

U part wig, a ¾ wig, is a protective wig style that has a u-shaped cut on the front of the wig cap. The U-part wig human hair allows the wearers to pull a portion of natural hair out of the weave and blend with the wig naturally. It is beloved by so many girls. 

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Features of U part wig human hair

Super natural-looking: Our U-part wigs are made of 100% human hair, soft and smooth in texture, has a natural luster and touches. With a U-part wig on, you could keep a portion of your natural hair out and part on your scalp. It will be difficult for people to tell the difference between your hair and the wig’s hair. 

No glue & no sew-in: These U-part wigs are clip-in wigs, so you don’t need to apply any glue or adhesive, they are friendly for those who have sensitive skin or are allergic to wig glue. Besides, to install a u-part wig, you don’t need to handle the complicated sew-in process, the U part wig is a thrown on go wig, an ideal option for those lazy girls and busy girls.

Protective wig style: The U part wig allows you to access your natural hair easily, so you can make regular cleanness and deep condition more smoothly. Besides, with a u-part wig on, you don’t need to sew in, so your hair can also directly say goodbye to the tight sew-in weaves. That’s also why the u-part wig can be considered as a protective wig style, cause it can not only offer you convenience for daily cleanness but also prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.

Throw-on and go wig: The u part wig is easy to install and remove. With a U-part wig on, you can easily reach thick and long hair quickly. It may only take you 2-3 minutes to install a u-part wig. You don’t need to bleach the knot or trim the hair, it’s a fast and easy choice for lazy girls and busy girls.

Verstaileing in styling: With 100% human hair u part wig on, you can freely create on it. You can choose to cut it into a neat u part bob wig or perm it into a classic deep wave u part wig, you can choose to pull all your hair back and make a simple ponytail or you can make a lovely half bun and half down hairstyle. 

Affordable human hair wig: A u-part wig human hair is also the ideal option for those wanna get benefit from the natural 100% human hair wig but don’t want to spend too much on a wig. The u-part wig comes with no lace, typically, it’s cheaper than human hair lace front wigs.

Breathable and comfortable: The U part wig allows you to part on your scalp and gives a break for your natural hair, it’s available to offer you premium comfort and breathability.

how to put on a u part wig

How to install a U-part wig?

  • Step 1: Determine where to leave out

A U part wig allows you to part on your own scalp, you can choose to make a side part, middle part, or a deep side part as you desired.

  • Step 2: Section out a portion of natural hair

Use clips to separate a part of your natural hair to leave it out later via the u-shaped opening. And you can also choose to section out some hair from the hairline to leave out some natural baby hairs.

  • Step 3. Simply braid your natural hair

Simply braid the rest of your hair to a plait and use some clips to make the plait flat so that it can be perfectly stuffed under the wig cap later.

  • Step 4: Clip in the U part wig

Put on a u-part wig, let your leave out hair out of the weave via the u-shaped opening and stuff your plait under the wig cap. And then, clip in the u-part wig and adjust the strap to make it fits your head well. 

  • Step 5: Part on your leave out hair

lay down your natural hair and part as you desire, comb your hair to make it blend well with the wig, use a flat iron to make your leave-out hair melt into the wig’s hair.

  • Step 6: Lay down your baby hair

Lay down your baby hair and use edge control to tidy the baby hair. 

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